Radiation dose optimization for X-ray guided procedures

The use of X-rays for medical purposes is associated with an inherent risk of exposing patient, interventional radiologists/surgeons and supporting medical staff members to harmful ionizing radiation. Studies have reported a considerable amount of unnecessary exposures resulting from a lack of awareness, a reduced concern of long-term exposure risks and a poor knowledge of the behavior of ionizing radiation. The overarching goal of OptimiX project is to improve the overall radiation safety of patient and clinical staff by (i). developing novel approaches for fast and accurate radiation simulation, (ii). propose methods for optimizing an X-ray imaging device configuration to minimize the delivered dose (iii). developing radiation awareness systems using Augmented/Virtual Reality visualization to facilitate teaching, in an engaging and intuitive manner, on the behavior of ionizing radiation and the best use of protective measures.

This project OptimiX is funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR-18-CE45-0011)


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